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Activity Specific Good Practice Information

Good practice means 'the actions currently accepted within the sector to manage safety'. Operating at a standard lower than good practice will not meet your legal responsibilities. Good practice will often be activity specific, although there will usually be similarities between activities that manage similar risks and hazards. 

Information on what is good practice can be found through technical experts and through written documents. Written information shoud be used in conjunction with technical expert knowledge, a positive safety culture and the practical guidance supplied on this website for developing and using an overarching safety management system.

Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs) have been developed for many activities. ASGs are a recommendation from the 2009 government review into the safety of New Zealand’s adventure tourism and outdoor commercial sector. They are considered to be a reliable source of good practice information.


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Activity Safety Guidelines

ASGs are developed with extensive industry input, guidance from technical experts and support from WorkSafe NZ. The ASGs are not statutory guidelines imposed by law, rather they are voluntary guidelines that reflect industry good practice for managing safety. 

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Other Sources of Good Practice Information

Go here for information on technical experts, to see a table listing written sources of good practice information and to see Maritime New Zealand and Civil Aviation Authority rules and guidance.