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Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs)

Activitiy Safety Guidelines (ASGs) have been developed for many activities. ASGs are a recommendation from the 2009 government review into the safety of New Zealand’s adventure tourism and outdoor commercial sector. 

The ASGs are not statutory guidelines imposed by law, rather they are voluntary guidelines that reflect current industry good practice for managing safety. They are developed with extensive industry input, guidance from technical experts and support from WorkSafe NZ. ASGs take into account all existing current guidance information and refer to other standards where relevant. They are considered to be a reliable source of current good practice information. 

Activity Safety Guidelines

​For information on using written good practice information and technical expert advice, and sources of other activity specific guidance  click here

ASG purpose, principles, and development and review processes

The ASG principles, and development and review processes were established with the support of WorkSafe NZ and extensive industry consultation in 2012. They are outlined in the following documents:

ASGs recently updated by the administator

See the document control table in each ASG for changes

  • the last adminstarative update was 2016 - to reflect the changes in overarching health and safety legislation 

ASGs recently reviewed by the sector

See the document control table in each ASG for changes

  • All Terrain Vehicles v2, May 2018

  • High Wire and Swing v3, May 2018

  • Canyoning v2, April 2016

  • Abseiling v2, April 2016

ASG review schedule

2017: Dive ( review waiting as WorkSafe progress the development of broader Dive Industry guidance material)

2018: Canyoning, Caving, Coasteering, Abseiling

2019: Indoor climbing, Alpine Hiking, Heli-skiing

2020: High Wire and Swing

2021: All Terrain Vehicles

Although ASGs are subject to scheduled reviews, feedback is welcome at any time. For more information please contact us.