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Health and Safety Act and Other Legislation

Knowing what legislation applies to your operation and understanding your responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act is important, whether you are an employer or an employee. The content in this section is aimed at helping you to meet this need. The list of legislation is not necessarily comprehensive. If you know of legislation that would be useful to add to this resource, please contact us.

2015 - the Health & Safety Reforms

The Health & Safety Reforms could have implications on managing safety in your operation. Access the latest here



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Health and Safety Act

Go here for information on topics such as your responsibilities under the Act, health and safety inspections, and incidents and investigations.

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Other Legislation

Go here for information on what various acts and regulations cover and their likely relevance to you.

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Adventure Activities Regulation 2011

These regulations are a direct result of the 2009 Government review in to safety in the adventure and outdoor sectors. Go here to find out more.