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Structuring Your Safety System

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The information within your safety system usually falls into one of two main categories: safety management plan (SMP) and standard operating procedures (SOPs). This section describes these two categories and gives examples of the type of information they could hold.

How you link them together to make a system is up to you, but it helps to look at the structure of as many other systems as possible. The structure you use must suit you, the complexity of your operation, the amount of risk involved, and it must work well for your team. 

NB A SMP template and guidance document and SOPs templates are available to assist you with structuring your system. To see these tools see the  ‘writing your plan' section. For examples of SMPs and SOPs being used by other operators see the ‘operators forum’ section.For guidance on content detail see the sections such as Hazards, Clients, and Emergencies


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Your safety management plan needs to include descriptions of your operation and it's safety systems. Go here for guidance on what this means and what you should cover.

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Standard Operating Procedures describe what happens in the field and are the 'front line' of your safety management system. Go here for guidance on what they should cover.