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Support From the Field - Operators Forum

The sharing of safety information is a crucial element of operating in the Adventure and Outdoor Commercial sector.  The management of safety in the Outdoors is constantly evolving. The greater the exchange of information, the more confident Industry can be that activities are being run as safely as possible.

This section is about operators sharing with other operators.None of these operators would say they have it all right, but they all support the principle of sharing safety ideas and learning within the adventure community.

The thoughts and information shared here may not suit you and your organisation. How you manage safety must work well for you and your team, and suit the complexity of your operation.

This section will be refreshed regularly in order to share as many ideas and as much information as possible. If you would like to contribute to this forum please contact us.


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Operator Speak

Go here to read what Operators have to say about their Safety Systems e.g. what is working well for them and why. Operators have written in their own language and offered their contact information so that you can call and talk safety!

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Examples of Plans

Go here to see examples of how Operators have approached structuring their safety management plans e.g. what information have they put where, and how have they worded their content.

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Forms and checklists, operators have contributed examples of what works well for them. Links to forms and checklists supplied by agencies such as the Department of Labour and Maritime New Zealand.