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Forms and Checklists

Forms and checklists are a powerful component of your safety management plan. When designed well they become an effective link between your plan and your team.

Operators have contributed to this section to share forms and checklists that work well for them, and there are links to forms and checklists supplied by agencies such as the Department of Labour and Maritime New Zealand.

None of these operators would say they have all the answers. Although you may not see everything listed in a form or checklist that you feel should be there, you should not assume that the information has been missed. The operator may well have chosen to address that piece of information in another part of their safety management plan.Thoughtful design (see the forms and checklist information within the ‘SOPs’ section of this site) plus thorough testing with your team will help to ensure your forms and checklists are useful and capture the information you need.

This section will be refreshed regularly in order to share as many ideas and as much information as possible. If you would like to contribute to this forum please contact us.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) Resources

The Education Outside the Classroom resources are developed by the Ministry of Education and contain a large number of useful forms and checklists


General Operations

Eco Rafting Trip Report Form (PDF)

Pedal Tours Bicycle Checklist (PDF)

Pedal Tours Bicycle Inspection (PDF)

Pedal Tours Client Feedback Form (PDF)

Pedal Tours Daily Log (PDF)

Tai Poutini Polytechnic Tramping Checklist (PDF)


Department of Labour Hazard Identification

Department of Labour Hazard Notice

Department of Labour Hazard and First Aid Assessment Register

Drugs and Alcohol - an example of reasonable cause indicators and process

EOTC Safety Action Plan ( DOC)

EOTC Risk Management plan RAMS ( DOC)

Pedal Tours Hazard List (PDF)

The Roxx Climbing Centre Hazard Management Incident Reports, Daily Log (PDF)

Incidents and Emergencies

Department of Labour Incidents and Emergencies (DOC)

Eco rafting Emergency Proceedings (PDF)

Eco Rafting Incident Debrief Checklist (PDF)

Maritime NZ Injured Person Report Form

Maritime NZ Paddlecraft Incident Report Form

Maritime NZ Jet Boat Incident Report Form

National Incident Database Incident Report Form (PDF)


Tai Poutini Polytechnic Induction Checklist (PDF)

Taupo Bungy Induction Checklist (PDF)

Statements of Competence (PDF)