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Safety Systems Workshops

Resources from the 2015 Safety Systems Workshops

Click here for the 2015 Safety Systems workshop PDF resource.  

Common themes from the workshop were:

Is your SMS working?  Making it a live working document and ensure you understand how it works as a system. How efficient is it to use, review and update?

Continual confirmation and improvement of good practice, the SOPs and the SMS.

Ensure you are recording safety evidence – not just having conversations – but keep evidence concise, real and in context. 

Running effective incident reviews and safety meetings.

Discussing incidents (trends and causes) and the outcomes/lessons learnt.

Ensure you are clear about staff roles, responsibilities, inductions, the use of qualifications and competency checks.

Rehearsing and reviewing your emergency procedures.

Have you recently reviewed your hazards, safety objectives and the drug and alcohol policy?