A J Hackett

"Teams have staff with a range of experience to balance skill, learning and freshness."
David Mitchell, Chief Executive

Our business

We operate at four different sites, three in the Queenstown area - Kawarau Bungy, Nevis Bungy & Swing, Ledge Bungy & Swing - and the Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb & Bungy.

We have over 100 crew and operate year around in very changeable conditions. Safety, quality and customer experience are our guidelines.

Safety system strengths

Safety is a primary part of our culture. Right from the start crew learn what it means to be part of a team, from buddy checks to sharing the load. We have been operating for over 20 years and have refined our systems to manage risk.

We have two main strengths:

  • We follow very rigid standard operating procedures. There is no room for an individual to attempt something new, or just change a process. 
  • At the same time, we embrace innovation, continuous improvement and new ideas. We analyse suggestions and incidents to seek improvements, not just through any one individual, but in a team environment. This ensures the benefit of the team’s experience and has built a culture of buy-in into the outcomes.

It works well for us because

We allow team leaders on the ground to be sure of operational boundaries, to make the call and to be confident we support them. Teams have staff with a range of experience to balance skill, learning and freshness.

Our culture of reporting abnormal occurrences, for the better of all concerned, ensures we are always learning and that the crew feel proud and professional about the products they deliver.


David Mitchell, Chief Executive
Email: david@bungy.co.nz
Mobile: 03 441 0267