Splash and Dash

"The structure and layout of our manual matches how we run our events, which makes it easy to refer to and use on a daily basis."
Mike Thomason & Evelyn Williamson, Owners

Our business

We run XTERRA Trail Runs in Wellington, organising four trail runs in the bush and the hills around Wellington. Individuals with a wide range of abilities enter our events, from experienced trail runners to people who have never stepped off the pavement.

Safety system strengths 

I’m proud of the layout and structure of our safety manual. We wrote it in such a way that not only is it easy for an auditor to see what we are doing and satisfy the OutdoorsMark criteria, but the structure and layout matches how we run our events, which makes it easy to refer to and use on a daily basis.

It works well for us because 

Every organisation and activity is made up of component parts, which can almost be thought of as stand-alone pieces. You put all these things together, and you have your company, activity, or event. 

We looked long and hard at what we do and broke it up into small independent parts, and addressed them individually in our manual. Now if either of us or a staff member need to do something we can put that activity together by simply adding the bits that make up that task or role. The icing on the cake is a section that lists all of our main activities, which components make up that activity, and references where you can find them in the manual.

This layout gives our manual a clarity that makes it easy to understand and easy to use on a daily basis. The added bonus is that now the auditor can see inside our activities, and its makes auditing a fast and pain free process.


Mike Thomason & Evelyn Williamson, Owners
Email: eveandtomo@splashanddash.co.nz
Mobile: 021 847 088