Ziptrek Ecotours

"We ensure our systems are as simple as possible to reduce the chance of issues arising."
Mike Higson, Course Manager

Our business

We are based in Queenstown and operate flying fox/zipline tours overlooking the town, lake and mountains. Our tours run 365 days a year rain or shine. As well as zipping clients through the forest, we also chat to them about the local area, our place in the world and what we can do to help sustain it. We have around 25 staff about half of which are in operations.

Safety system strength

We keep every aspect of our safety system simple. We employ a wide range of individuals from seasoned outdoor professionals to entry-level guides. We ensure our systems are as simple as possible to reduce the chance of issues arising.

This approach runs through all of our systems, including the way we attach our guests to the zipline, the way we bring them safely into the next treehouse, our training and our communications.

It works well for us because

I will focus on our communications here, specifically the use of radios between guides on course.

Our communication through radios is an essential part of our safety systems and helps us to ensure the safety of the guests in our care. We keep this communication simple by using specific predetermined radio calls.

Our guides work in pairs and are for the most part at opposite ends of the ziplines where they have no visual or verbal link to each other. It is of extreme importance that radio calls are not misconstrued as this could result in a guest zipping at the wrong time.

Our radio calls mark a specific procedural action so the other guide understands what action has just occurred and we use these radio calls as a check and counter-check before sending anyone on the zipline.  

Anything outside of normal procedure, the guide will switch to a different channel and talk to the Lead Guide, overseeing the course. The Lead Guide will then manage the situation and inform their guide partner what is going on.


Mike Higson, Course Manager
Mobile: 021 024 39564