Activity Organisations

  • Automotive Training and Events Association

    No website: contact

  • Cycle Tour Operators NZ

    A professional organisation of cycle tour operators.

  • Motorcycle Event Association NZ

    No website: contact

  • NZ Commercial Jet Boat Association

    No website: contact Jerry Hohneck at

  • New Zealand Mountain Guides Association

    A professional body of mountain guides that administers a training programme for professional mountain guides in New Zealand.

  • NZ Outdoor Instructors Association

    A professional body of outdoor instructors that administers a nationally recognised assessment scheme for leaders and instructors.

  • New Zealand Recreational Dive Industry Group

    No website. Terms of reference available.

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  • NZ Professional Hunting Guide Association

    A voluntary organisation of commercial hunting guides operating primarily in New Zealand, dedicated to providing a professional and safe experience for local and visiting hunters.

  • NZ Rivers Association

    A non-profit organisation made up of rafting guides, operators and other interested parties that promotes whitewater rafting with a focus on safety and conservation.

  • New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance

    A professional organisation of snowsports instructors that administers a qualifications framework for the snowsports instruction industry.

  • Orienteering New Zealand

    The national governing body of the sport of orienteering in New Zealand.

  • Professional Fishing Guides Association

    An advocacy group that lobbies Local and Central Government on behalf of its members for the interests of the Guided Fishing industry.

  • Seakayaking

    The Sea Kayak Operators Association (SKOANZ) no longer exists, however they did create a code of practice in 2011. Some part could still provide useful information. Check with a technical expert before applying the guidance in your operation.

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  • Ski Area Association of New Zealand

    An organisation that represents the interests of commercial ski areas in New Zealand.

  • Tourist Flight Operators Group NZ

    A division of Aviation New Zealand that consists of fixed wing and helicopter flightseeing operators.

  • Yachting New Zealand

    The national sports body in New Zealand for the sport of sailing at all levels.