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Government Guidelines

  • Adventure Activity resources

    WorkSafe NZ's portal for information and guidance on health and safety for adventure activity operators.

  • Adventure Smart website - resources for public using the outdoors

    The New Zealand Search and Rescue Council's AdventureSmart website provides tips, links and advice for you to plan and prepare any activity safely, for any level of ability.

  • Biosecurity threat information

    A briefing on current biosecurity risks to New Zealand from the Department of Conservation.

  • CAA Rules - Adventure Aviation – Certification and Operations

    The Civil Aviation Authority's rules on adventure aviation.

  • Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) - Media Management Wallet Cards

    Wallet cards with advice from Education Outside the Classroom on how to deal with media if an incident does occur.

    Download (69 KB)
  • Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016

    The text of the special health and safety regulations that apply to adventure activities in New Zealand.

  • Health and Safety for Small Businesses

    WorkSafe NZ's advice for small business owners on managing health risks for workers.

  • Jet boat rules

    Maritime New Zealand's rules on jet boats.

  • Jet Boats Standard Operating Procedures

    Maritime New Zealand's standard operating procedures for jet boats.

  • Maritime New Zealand adventure activity resources

    Guidelines from Maritime New Zealand for commercial adventure activity operators who are not required to have a Safe Operational Plan because they are not operating registered commercial vessels.

  • Minimising your impact

    A guide from the Department of Conservation on how users of national parks and other reserves can minimise their impact on the environment.

  • Organisational Culture Survey

    An example of an organisational culture survey tool that businesses can use to learn about their workplace culture.

    Download (583 KB)
  • Outdoor Activities: Guidelines for Leaders

    Guidelines for leaders of adventure activities from Sport New Zealand.

  • People Come First: Building a strong health and safety culture in New Zealand mines, quarries and tunnels

    A 48-page guide from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment that sets out ways that employers can build a workplace culture that promotes health and safety. Written for mine, quarry and tunnel operators, but principles are general and could be easily applied to other workplace settings.

  • Rafting Rules

    Maritime New Zealand's rules on rafting.

  • Rafting Standard Operating Procedures

    Maritime New Zealand's standard operating procedures for rafts.

  • SafePlus

    SafePlus is a new, voluntary, health and safety performance improvement toolkit for businesses. It defines what good health and safety looks like, above minimum legal compliance. SafePlus is a joint initiative developed by WorkSafe New Zealand, ACC and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

  • Shark Cage Diving Guidelines

    Maritime New Zealand's guidelines for shark cave diving.

  • Worksafe New Zealand

    Worksafe New Zealand is the crown agency tasked with workplace health and safety regulation.