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  • Aviation Law

    Aviation law is relevant to operations involving air transportation, and employees involved in running aircraft. Note the relevance of these laws to recreational hunting air operations, because of the firearms focus.

  • Civil Aviation Act 1990

    Establishes rules of operation and divisions of responsibility to promote aviation safety. The Act includes requirements for the entry into the civil aviation system, e.g. registering aircraft. It defines the roles, powers, and duties of the key players in the system, including the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, and creates a range of offences and penalties – including safety offences, e.g. operating an aircraft in a careless manner.

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  • Airport Authorities Act 1966

    Allows local authorities and airport authorities to make bylaws for a range of purposes, including prescribing precautions that must be taken to protect individuals and property from accident or damage.

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  • Aviation Crimes Act 1972

    Covers crimes such as hijacking aircraft, taking firearms on aircraft and the search of passengers, baggage and cargo.

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