Climbing Helmets


  • Arms Act 1983

    Promotes the safe use and the control of firearms and other weapons. It is relevant to operations which involve firearms in any capacity and includes the storage of firearms for personal use.

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  • Crimes Act 1961

    Sets out the law relating to a range of different crimes, many of which relate to assault.

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  • Evidence Act 2006

    Section 110 allows a pre-trial anonymity order for a witness if the safety of the witness or another is likely to be endangered. This is particularly relevant in the case of an incident.

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  • Harassment Act 1997

    Provides criminal and civil remedies in respect of harassment - situations when a person acts in a way that causes another person to fear for his or her safety.

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  • Victims' Rights Act 2002

    Imposes clear obligations on specified agencies to provide information and offers assistance to victims of offences.

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