COVID-19 operating guidelines

The guidance on this page has been developed in consultation with Government (WorkSafe or Ministry of Health). We will update it as soon as possible when new rules or expectations are announced. 

All operators must use a planned and documented approach to managing the COVID-19 risk. This may be integrated into your existing safety plan, however we will refer to it as your 'COVID-19 Safety Plan' or 'The Plan'.

The plan must be specific to your operation and is for you, your workers, and other people who need to know about it. It must be in place before you open for operation. You do not need to send your COVID-19 safety plan to WorkSafe for review, but it must be made available upon request of a WorkSafe Inspector.

COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system)

Guidelines for tourism activities (red/orange status)
TIA, in conjunction with other industry associations, has developed supporting guidance for the activity sector to operate under the Traffic Light System.

Government guidance on tourism activities has evolved since the introduction of the new framework on 3 December. We have worked with officials to understand the changing guidance and updated these guidelines to reflect that advice to the best of our knowledge. If operators have queries or require clarification on the content of this document please follow the applicable links in the document or contact TIA on 

Standard for operating tourism activities in Orange/Red - updated 27 January 2022