Good Practice

Reliable good practice information is crucial, sometimes relying on technical advisors who possess specific knowledge. Written resources, including guidelines and standards, support good practice, but their reliability should be assessed based on regulatory links, expert input, currency, provider consensus, and coverage of relevant topics. Find the full Good Practice guide below which includes links to the Activity Safety Guidelines and full Good Practice Guidelines separated by activity.

Download the Good Practice guide here.


General Guidance for Organised Outdoor Activities 

General Guidance for Organised Outdoor Activities covers all activity types and gives an overview of common safety considerations.

Overarching Risk Management Guidance

Overarching Risk Management Guidance (v2) covers overarching risk management processes and shows how the risk ratings for each GPG and activity planning template were created (see below).

Use it alongside the safety management system information to guide the development of your safety system and to ensure you understand how the GPGs and activity planning templates should be used. 

Driving - guidelines and checklists

Driving Good Practice Guideline (v1) provides guidance for driving to and from activities, and before, during and after trip checklists 


Activity Good Practice Guidelines and Activity Planning Templates

These documents are designed to be used together.

Activity Good Practice Guidelines give an overview of safety considerations for specific outdoor activities or sets of activities while activity planning templates are an editable document that can be used to create an activity safety plan. 

Other guidance